August 6, 2017

We are exploring our new terrain. As you can tell from the pictures, our white rabbits are hopping around San Francisco and are breeding like…well…rabbits. It must be the spirit of the city.

Have you already spotted one of them? Juxtapoz Magazine has. (Thanks for the feature!)

Scroll down and check out our very first clothing collection for the Bay Area. If you like what you see, go and visit our US web shop: www.rabbiteyemovement.shop. We love to see them multiply!

Badge Of Horror (white)


Left: Howl At Me / Right: Branded classic regular + SF Hat


Left: While Brave Men Spray / Right: Branded classic regular 


While Brave Men Spray (left: on a T-Shirt,right: on a Baseball Shirt)


Left: Stamped (white) / Right: Branded Reversed 


Left: Stamped (black) / Middle: Stamped (white) / Right: Branded (white)


Branded (black) + SF Hat


Branded Zipped Hoodie / Branded Pullover Hoodie


Tote Bag


More pictures of our SF collection on: www.rabbiteyemovement.shop

With your purchase, you are supporting the realization of one of our upcoming projects. Big thanks for that.