Rabbit Eye Movement emerged from an inner call to follow a mission. This mission is to interact with the public space and with all those who are active in the urban space. Our icon – The White Rabbit – has spread steadily throughout the streets ever since. Some call it Street Art, we call it dedication to the same movement that created us.

Rabbit Eye Movement is the operating collective designed around the work and visions of artist NYCHOS. Founded on the streets of Austria in 2005, the movement has since grown into an international label (Vienna – Los Angeles). We produce and distribute art prints, clothing and accessories with a focus on the designs of founder NYCHOS.

The Rabbit Eye Movement Art Space in 1060 Vienna (est. 2012) operates as a full time agency, shop and exhibition room. Here we host and connect local and international artists.

NYCHOS, founder of Rabbit Eye Movement, is an internationally renowned artist, noted for his exceptional anatomical imagery. His large-scale murals of translucent and dissected characters can be seen all around the globe. Deeply rooted in Graffiti and Street Art and shaped by pop-cultural influences, NYCHOS creates murals, fine art, illustrations and sculptures. NYCHOS was born and raised in Austria. He currently lives and works both in Vienna, Austria and Los Angeles, California.


Visit us at: Rabbit Eye Movement | Gumpendorfer Straße 91 | 1060 Vienna

European online shop: www.rabbiteyemovement.at/shop

U.S. online shop: www.rabbiteyemovement.shop


I created the ‘Rabbit Eye Movement’ as an homage to all the “Rabbits” out there who are active in the Urban Art Movement.  It doesn’t matter what kind of mission they are following.”