October 25, 2017

Michael Hacker / “Pizzeria Disgusto” / Sept. 2017


Last month, we had the honor to host the presentation of “Pizzeria Disgusto”, a brand new book by our dear friend Michael Hacker. For three days, our Art Space transformed into a weird litte pizza paradise, especially for those who have a penchant for prints and puns. There were art works presented on pizza boxes, giant pizza stickers, pins, aprons, T-Shirts, plenty of prints and ­– last but not least – a big shelf full of “Pizzeria Disgusto” copies. The book is packed with illustrated puns about the weird and funny side of Italian cuisine. If you have ever wondered what it is like to hang out in a “Spa Ghetti”, a pot full of spaghetti, or dance on a “Raveioli“ you definitely need to get your hands on this.

Big thanks to Michael Hacker for being our guest. We had a blast. And big thanks to everybody who joined the presentation, queued up to get a signed copy and filled our corners with laughter. You guys soothed our evening.

Here’s a little recap for all of you who could not join us:

PS: We still have some copies of “Pizzeria Disgusto”  and some “Pasta Rhymes” T-Shirts left, so make sure to grab yours during our opening hours (Thursday & Friday: 1 – 6 pm) or in our online shop.