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Brainwashing Mashine,  Die letzte Weltausstellung / Arche 2012Das Gschwandner, Vienna

Michael Hacker is an illustrator and comic artist based in Vienna, Austria. Since 2006 he’s designing and printing gigposters for bands like Queens of the Stone Age, The Hives, Sonic Youth, Eagles of Death Metal, Dinosaur Jr., Mastodon, Green Day and The Melvins. He studied graphic design and advertising at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Visual Communication at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Norway. He’s also a cofounder of the Vienna-based collective Atzgerei.

His clients include Penguin books, Red Bull, Mercedes, Vice magazine, Datum magazine, GEOlino, Jung von Matt/Donau and Jung von Matt/Limmat. At the moment he’s finishing his upcoming comic book “Steroid Max”.

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Gigposter for Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp, Vienna 2013


Gigposter for Fu Manchu, Vienna 2014