June 25, 2018


We owe you big news from Bavaria, Germany:

Two months ago, Nychos, Stohead, Case Maclaim, Drew Merrit and Matthias Mross were invited to Bayreuth, Germany to honor a very special lady: Marchioness Wilhelmine from Bayreuth, patron of the arts, who initiated the construction of the city’s opera house in 1744. On occasion of the building’s re-opening on April 12, 2018, Bayreuth chose to celebrate properly.

“She’s Back” is a project by gallerist Jessica Matijevic (I Know A Guy) and art-teacher Stefan Mayer (MWG Bayreuth). By inviting five muralists from all around the globe, Matjevic and Mayer aimed at merging the baroque heritage of the city with the 21st century.
Nychos, Stohead, CaseMclaim, Drew Merrit and Matthias Mross were invited to reinterpret the story around Wilhelmine von Bayreuth on well-chosen walls in the city center.

Nychos – of course – chose to dissect Wilhelmine, together with her beloved dog (Badstraße 27). Drew Merrit painted Wilhelmine’s daughter Sophie (Münzgasse 8), Stohead chose to paint an excerpt of her memoirs onto the walls of the city’s library (Richard-Wagner-Straße 21), Matthias Mross painted fighting cocks in order to refer to the marchioness’ favorite Voltaire piece “Alzire” (Richard-Wagner-Straße 42) and Case Maclaim dedicated his mural to gallerist Jessica Matijevic (Badstraße 33).

“She’s back” was introduced on April 12, 2018 alongside an exhibition at Liebesbier, where all five artists were represented.

Below, we collected some impressions as well as a making of video of Nychos’ mural.




















Drew Merrit:











Matthias Mross:

Case Maclaim:

(c) MartinHirsch


Big Thanks to Bayreuth, Jessica Matijevic, Stefan Mayer and his students for making this happen.

(More videos are available on the I Know A Guy – YouTube channel: