Yok & Sheryo / “Dengue Fever” / Aug – Sep 2015



by Yok and Sheryo

“When you get Dengue Fever the body heats up, you feel dizzy, your vision begins to blur and you see them colours.”

Dengue Fever is a new body of work from Yok and Sheryo plucked out of their travel journals and sketchbooks from countless adventures in South East Asia. The tropical heat has twisted their perspective resulting in these new works. Experimenting in a new island style colour palette, the feverish warm tones are complimented by the cool blue hues of the ocean.

Sheryo is a brooklyn-based singaporean visual/mural artist who startedpainting in the streets in 2005. Her art seeks to investigate, analyze and document the human psyche and frustrations towards contemporary lifestyles and its mercurial nature. Her style, often referencing pulp illustrations, skateboard graphics and her unabashed affinity for kitsch, translate across as jovial, surreal imagery that speak to those who grew up admiring ’80s and ’90s skateboarding and surfing culture.

Yok is an Australian born artist who grew up fuelled by Ren and Stimpy cartoons and skateboarding graphics which had a heavy influence on his style.
Yok had a yearning to see and do more elsewhere which saw him spend time and exhibit in places like Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, New York, Tokyo and London.

The duo has travelled, painted and exhibited extensively in various parts of the world together since 2011.



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Photos by Heidi Pein