Dxtr The Weird / “The 25th hour” / Sept., Nov. 2017


Dxtr The Weird / “The 25th hour” / Sept., Nov. 2017

It’s always a great pleasure when Berlin-based artist, illustrator and family member DXTR The Weird pays us a visit. This time, he came for a good reason. On October, 12th we opened our doors for DXTR’s solo exhibition “The 25th hour”.

“But in a 24-hour day, the 25th hour is also the impossible hour, an hour that doesn’t exist, that can only be created by the imagination.” – David Benioff

The exhibition refers to David Benioff’s novel “The 25th hour”. It celebrates that special time at night when ideas flow, perspectives change and imagination becomes infinite. In DXTR’s 25th hour, it’s midnight in a perfect world.

Inspired by old folklore tales, mythology and alchemy, DXTR’s work is full of symbolism. About two years ago, the artist started to play with the imagery of pixels. For this exhibition, he went a step further and captioned his ideas on a new medium: textile. The show primarily consists of self-made tapestries and hand-stitched wall rugs, which perfectly embrace the idea of the pixelated image content.

In his work, DXTR creates otherworldly sceneries. His compositions deliberate modern day society and introduce the visitors into a universe of the strange and the grotesque. Brace yourselves for mosaic jewel-eyed tigers, upside down smiling bats, howling coyotes and four-headed skeletons.

Huge thanks to DXTR for being our guest and to all of you who joined us for the exhibition opening. Below, you find a photographic recap of the evening:



The exhibition is going to run until November,10th, so make sure you get the chance to visit us during our opening hours (Thursday & Friday: 1 – 6 pm)

Also, we cooperated with DXTR on a T-Shirt design, which was released in the course of the exhibition opening. Be quick, we still have a few left.

If you’re not in Vienna, you can also purchase the shirts online: