EXHIBITION: LOOK The Weird ”The Night Sky is Full of Rainbows”

May 21, 2015

LOOK The Weird – The Night Sky Is Full Of Rainbows


In his third solo show at the RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT Art Space LOOK The Weird walks deeper into his mindset of Ultraland, a post apocalyptic intermediate world, where nature takes over the leftovers of a self-destructed human society. The upcoming exhibition ”The Night Sky Is Full Of Rainbows” is going to feature large-scale canvases and sharp highly detailed drawings – all populated by militarized corpses who fight against a growing nature to keep the human race alive. In this strange setting you can feel his deep root of the graffiti culture which finds its expression in forms, colors and the high energy of his stroke.

The intense choice of colors results of the artist’s question how rainbows actually look like at night. After doing a little bit of research, LOOK discovered stunning pictures, that captured these natural phenomena and immediately, the concept for his third solo-show at the REM Art Space was born. His large scale canvases show typical scenes from Ultraland, but this time in a completely new setting: In front of a night sky full of rainbows.

The second part of the exhibition shows highly detailed black and white drawings in which LOOK continues telling stories about Ultraland in a critical way.

LOOK, co-founder of the collectives Peachbeach and The Weird, spent the last years exhibiting in diverse group and solo shows all around the globe. Though he is mainly focusing on his career as a visual artist he never lost the track to his first passion: Graffiti.

In the course of our upcoming exhibition the artist produced a limited edition screen print:

”What is Power?”
2 color screen print // black and gold // 50 x 50 cm // edition of 30 // 2015

It’s from now on available at the REM Art Space and web shop