September 25, 2019

PARADIGMS – a solo exhibition by Alex Kiessling

Paradigms are often depicted as “basic ways of thinking”. Principles, that have burned themselves into the subconscious as patterns. Once in there, these patterns have a massive impact on human actions. They accompany us in everyday life as well as in exceptional situations. Their power is tremendous.

In his solo-exhibition Paradigms, Alex Kiessling invites us to take a closer look at ourselves – in order to fathom these patterns. Breaking with a set of Do’s and Don’ts, that are equally distributed in our educational system, Alex Kiessling takes us on a journey through different approaches in figurative drawing and graphics. He invites us to join his artistic playground. On view is a selection of illustrations and (very limited edition) prints, blurring the line between the Do and the Don’t. Every art work is hand-colored and an absolute unicum.

“The inner, playing child is bored to death if it permanently copies itself.”


When: October 3rd, 2019  I  6pm

Where: Rabbit Eye Movement  I  Gumpendorferstraße 91  I  1060 Vienna


Alex Kiessling lives and works and Vienna. His artistic oevre comprises paintings, illustrations, graphics, photographs and sculptures and has been exhibited all around the globe.