August 13, 2021


In June 2021, NYCHOS painted over his “Dissection of a Polar Bear“ in Vienna – a beloved mural that had been part of the cityscape for six years. Old gives way to the new. The subsequent work “Love, Life and Death“ is inspired by Jugendstil and Art Nouveau and provides insight into NYCHOS‘ current creative period.


“Love, Life and Death“ – three terms that are highly present in NYCHOS‘ oeuvre. The overall message is to accept the inevitable balance between all of them. If you love life and death, you lose your fear – your fear of life and your fear of death. This creates a certain freedom, and brings forth the ability to live a life full of love. A cycle, that is revealed throughout the elements of the painting.

In the center of the mural there is a hugging couple. A man and a woman, who are about to kiss intimately. Their skin is translucent, human anatomy is shimmering through. Drowsily, an angel watches over them, and a grim reaper leans bored at their feet. Their job is temporarily done. The grim reaper and the couple are part of the earthly level, embedded in a vivid floral scenery – expressing that there is no life without love, and no life without death. The angel above is part of another dimension, surrounded by the grid of the matrix and the gears of reality. The sky is where the earthly transitions into the transcendental. Above all, there are three star signs representing the personal signature of the artist.


“Love, Life and Death“ is located at the inner border of Vienna‘s tenth district. Wien Favoriten is a cultural melting pot and one of the most diversified areas of the city. The mural is designed to be a gateway to the district, and is dedicated to all those who live here. It represents the communal spirit of the inhabitants and shall radiate harmony.

Huge thanks go out to everybody involved in the realization of the project:

Geri – for providing the surface

Tomsta – for the assistance

Christian Fischer – for the video

Sleepy Sun – for the music

Montana Cans – for the support

video: Christian Fischer

music: Sleepy Sun – Marina



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“Love, Life and Death”

fine art print by NYCHOS

edition of 111

hand signed and numbered

Size: 32,5 x 60,9 cm // 12.8 x 24 inch