June 20, 2015

Nychos was invited to this year’s MURAL – an international urban art festival, which took place on the Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal. From June 4th to June 14th, the street was converted into an open-air museum by 9 participating artists from all over the globe – and Nychos was one of them.


His contribution ”Screaming for Vengeance” pays homage to the artist’s love for heavy metal as he’s referring to Doug Johnson’s cover art work for the eponymous Judas Priest album. Nychos transforms Johnson’s metal eagle into an animal, which is made of feathers, flesh and bones and combines it with the storyline of the mexican flag. The eagle’s body and skeleton are – of course – acting independently of each other, which seems to be pretty useful when fighting a snake of the same kind. Showing all these components in separate layers and connecting them with translucent effects creates those distinct aesthetics, that make our flesh crawl. Nychos seemed to have worked on a next level, as his mural has kind of a tableau-like overtone. ”Screaming for Vengeance” is a vivid tribute to the original Judas Priest cover, in which one thing certainly remained the same: The metallic lettering of the name.

In the course of the MURAL festival, our documentary ”The Deepest Depths Of The Burrow” had its very first premiere in North America.

THANK YOU MURAL for making all this possible, THANKS to everybody who came by to watch our movie and THANK YOU MONTANA for the constant support.

Scroll down for some festival impressions, captured by Vivien Gaumand.

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