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OUT NOW: “The Dissection Of A Human” – Anatomy Sheet NO.5

August 4, 2016


After we have seen the skeleton and the skull of a human, it is time to take a closer look. The dissection of a human not only allows us to see what’s important on the inside, it also shows us what the modern human can’t live without these days.

Dissection of a human is out now and available on:



The REM Anatomy Sheets is a series of 10 black and white limited edition screen prints.
All together, the 10 sheets tell the story behind the Rabbit, the Raptor and the Human Body in Nychos‘ art work. In addition, they give some insider‘s knowledge (both, serious and not-so-serious) about the skeletal structures of these main characters. Every month, the story continues with the release of the next print of the series.