October 19, 2018

Nychos: “Endless Layers till Consciousness”

We are super excited that Mirus Gallery San Francisco presents a solo exhibition of new paintings and sculptural works by Nychos.

Anatomy is a powerful tool to approach the inward. By slicing off layer by layer, the anatomist aims at striking a certain truth. Over the past years, Nychos has been stretching his tool to the limit in order to figure out that there’s another kind of truth. A truth that only shows when you turn yourself inside out. “Endless Layers till Consciousness” is a multi-dimensional journey through Nychos’ oeuvre. The journey starts two dimensional, leading through select ink drawings and canvases, which pave the way for the next step: The third dimensions, visualized by three sculptures, incorporating the marriage of bronze and glass. A chemistry that is picked up on one of the main pieces of the show: Two heads, merging into each other through a deep kiss. “Chemistry” marks the interface between the anatomical and spiritual. The interface between the outside and the inside. It guides the viewer further into other dimensions. Dimensions, that are explored in the artist’s latest body of work. For the very first time, Nychos approaches from the inside out. By means of the Third Eye, he slowly opens up the gate of consciousness within an imagery beyond the image.


Exhibition opening: 

November 9th, 2018 / 7 pm – 10 pm


Mirus Gallery: 540 Howard Street, San Francisco 94105