September 9, 2019

In July, a giant shark has come to the surface in downtown San José – facing the SAP Center, also known as The Shark Tank.

Right in time for the start of the 2019-20 season, Nychos teamed up with The San José Sharks and dedicated a giant mural to the ice hockey team’s home town – a shark, powerfully emerging in front of the city’s skyline, clearly showing what fuels him: San José and the color Teal.

Veins arise from the letters that form the name of the city and merge with the vessels of the predator. This is exactly what brings the shark to life. As always, Nychos visualizes the power from within, showing that it literally takes guts to defend one’s territory. Talking about guts: It’s worth to take a closer look at the details. The shark might have swallowed a Ducks mask already.


Nerdy facts:

Nychos spent 800 cans of spray paint within 96 hours of work on a 58 x 108 feet surface.

The mural is located at Modera The Alameda, 787 The Alameda, San José, CA.

(c) Lanny Nguyen Photography
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