March 11, 2022

NYCHOS’ solo exhibition THE AWAKENING

has opened its doors at Mirus Gallery, Los Angeles.


Words can barely describe how happy and proud we are to present this novel body of work by NYCHOS, so we’ll mainly let the pictures speak in this blog entry.

Together with Mirus Gallery, we’ve officially opened THE AWAKENING on 2/22/22  in Los Angeles, Arts District. The museum-style exhibition includes more than 100 artworks by NYCHOS, which are arranged in an entire storyline. It is a journey into the deepest depths of the artist’s soul, beginning with retrospective elements that lay the ground for the entirely novel body of canvases presented in the center of the exhibition space. Further, the show includes three-dimensional works, NFTs, elements of augmented reality, and interactive installations.

Overall, THE AWAKENING describes the transformative process that NYCHOS has been experiencing for the past few years. A process, that has started deeply within to surface by the means of art.


We heartily invite you to go and see the show if you’re in town. It is up and running until 5/1/22. You’ll find all the info on opening hours & how to purchase tickets / NFT tickets on: www.theawakening222.com


Another recommendation is to get our eponymous publication. It is the perfect exhibition guide, since it includes the storyline of THE AWAKENING. The book is available in our U.S. online shop, our European online shop & on site at our exhibition gift shop (which is another highlight of the show btw.)

Also, make sure to install our AR app RabbitEye when visiting the show. Some artworks (marked with the app logo) are enhanced with augmented reality content.


Below, as promised, some impressions of the exhibition, our opening night, and a video trailer for the show.

Here’s an Instagram walk through from the opening night, here’s another one with NYCHOS guiding you through the show, and here’s a Spotify playlist curated by NYCHOS to get you in the mood.






We want to thank each and everyone who was involved in making this happen and/or contributed their energy to this massive undertaking:

Vera Steinkellner (management & curation), the whole team from Mirus Gallery (hosting & production), all our people from Rabbit Eye Movement (production), Ambros (animation), lichterloh (kinetic elements), DJ Phekt and Shue (music entertainment during our openings), all our friends and family for the endless support, and lastly, NYCHOS for inviting us to join him on his exceptional journey.