October 17, 2015

On October, 22nd the Kolly Gallery in Zurich is going to open its doors for NYCHOS: TRANSLUCENT FEAR

translucent fear header

Pushing off of an impressive body of work in which he explored all possible varieties of dissections and cross-sections, NYCHOS spent the past months working on a new process to reveal skeletal structures in his paintings. Using the visuality of X-rays, the artist radiographs his creatures by replacing their skin with glowing translucent shells.

”Translucent Fear” marks the beginning of a new creative phase for the artist and consists of a series of canvases inspired by an intense period of outdoor work. Back in the studio, NYCHOS adapted a technique, that he has been developing with the spray can to a different medium to create an entirely new visual language.

This language is powerful, mystical, and gloomy and runs like a golden thread throughout the whole exhibition – just like this resurrecting stroke of lightning, that brings life to the artist’s creatures. Metallic bolts illuminate discrete colors, and as always, NYCHOS brings in some eighties influences. Electrified by this immense energy, it is impossible to walk through without imagining the endless sound of heavy guitar solos.

”Translucent Fear” opens on October 22nd 6pm at Kolly Gallery, Zürich, and runs until November 22nd.


Prepare yourselves for the exhibition and watch the official trailer:

Video by Christian Fischer:

BIG THANKS to Orchid for providing the sound for the video and to Montana for the support.



CHTV did an interview with Nychos right before the exhibition opening. It’s in german – give it a try 😉 :