July 20, 2021


“The wolf is the companion into your deepest and darkest woods. Only if you are fearless, he will accompany you. Guard you.“



In July 2021 NYCHOS painted his latest mural “Primal Truth“ in Mannheim, Germany. He was invited by Stadt.Wand.Kunst, an initiative who began to organize murals across the city back in 2013. A lot has happened since then. An open urban art museum – as they call it – is emerging.

NYCHOS is the 32nd contributor to Stadt.Wand.Kunst. Scroll down and find out about his mural “Primal Truth“.



Primal Truth / NYCHOS / Mannheim 2021

Howling at a Pink Moon, a giant wolf head ascends from an orange flame, borrowing his matter from a translucent man sitting in meditation. Wolf and human are connected via their veins and spines. The man‘s eyes are closed, while the wolf eye reflects the grid of the matrix. Two entities from different dimensions. They are merging for a purpose. The purpose is to heal.

“Primal Truth“ is about the urge to speak one‘s inner truth – as a liberation from the disbelief and pain society has been creating over many thousands of years. In order to connect to your instincts, you got to dig deep. Deep down, you might need a companion. The wolf is like a spirit animal, accompanying you into your own darkness. It guides you towards your greatest fears, and shows you how to let go. The wolf is your guard, while you unravel who you truly are.

This is when the wolf initiates a scream, aiding to release a certain energy sitting in your sacrum. The sacral chakra is believed to be the center of creative power. Emerging from the sacrum, this energy travels up the spine across the solar plexus. There, it receives another boost fueled by emotion to reach the throat chakra through the heart, begging for release. Longing to howl in order to heal.


NYCHOS has been revisiting the subject of the wolf for many years now. “Primal Truth“ marks a major encounter between the artist and his companion.


Thank you Stadt.Wand.Kunst for providing a surface for this piece.

Big thanks go out to:

David Leitner – for the assistance

Montana Cans – for the support

Alexander Krziwanie – for the photos

Andy – for the video

The Heavy Eyes – for providing their song “These Men are Wolves” to accompany the video