REM X Cone Prints and T-shirts

May 24, 2014

REM produced two limited edition T-shirts and two prints together with Cone for his ICONES Number 1 show in May/June 2014 at the REM art space. They are available at our Art Space but also in our web shop!

The prints are all numbered and signed by Cone


The T-shirts are all unisex, available in size S,M,L

ICONES – Number 1 contains a selection of the kind of ink drawings CONE is well known for. Selfies, tributes and ridiculous confessions are their subjects. The self portraits are a serial work with its conceptual roots in his graffiti background. Instead of styles or tags he spreads his variations of the beardedman with glasses and experiments with that image in a for- mal as well as autobiographical manner. Using his own character enables him to make these works a bit more personal while at the same time exploring the depths of his consciousness and phantasies. The second part of his show contains a number of tribute drawings focusing on personalities he is impressed by in some way, featuring not only musicians, writers and scientists, but also dubious characters from the shallow waters of tabloid journalism.